1. EtherCAT Based Digital I/O module
Ezi-IO EtherCAT is a Digital I/O module supporting EtherCAT, a fieldbus based on high speed Ethernet(100Mbps, Full-Duplex). EtherCAT enables fast data transfer with peripheral devices and supports connection of various devices without topology limitation.
2. Simple and Easy Wiring
Ezi-IO EtherCAT offers e-CON connector type and terminal block type products. The e-CON connector type makes it easy to attach and detach peripheral devices. The terminal block type allows easy wiring of peripheral devices in a one-touch method. Therefore peripherals can be easily and simply connected to the EtherCAT network for control.
3. Various 16CH & 32CH I/O module
Ezi-IO EtherCAT offers 16CH and 32CH products. 16CH types are provided with 16CH input, 16CH output, 8CH input + 8CH output products and 32CH types are provided with 32CH input, 32CH output, 16CH input + 16CH output. Ezi-IO EtherCAT offers NPN and PNP products to support various peripheral I/O methods.
4. Digital I/O Photocoupler Isolation
Ezi-IO EtherCAT is isolated with photocoupler for input and output, makes easy connection to peripherals without additional circuit. (32CH module only)