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Ezi-STEP is a micro stepping system that incorporates a motor and MCU (Digital Signal Processor) equipped drive that is integrated seamlessly together as a system. This makes it possible to incorporate many functions compared with a conventional stepping motors and drives, such as sensorless detection of loss of synchronization, smooth control over the whole velocity range, higher torque operation and no vibration at the low speed range.
Ezi-STEP’s on-board high-performance digital signal processor and proprietary algorithms allow the Ezi-STEP to operate a high speeds with unmatched precision. The unique position estimation algorithm instantaneously detects out-of-synchronization based on the rotor position of the stepping motor, which is not an easy task in a conventional stepping motor and drives. (effective only over 300 rpm) Utilizing a software damping and filtering algorithms, high speed operation is realized by the exciting angle control of a step-angle. The resolution of Ezi-STEP can be selected from basic 1.8 ° up to 0.0072 ° (1/250). In addition, Ezi-STEP generates various signals including sensorless stall detection, alarm and running signal. Ezi-STEP is an economical ideal drive for vision systems, nanotech, packaging, semiconductor, pick and place, automation, laboratory testing, wood working and wherever smooth, quiet, precise, high torque operation is a requirement.
1. Microstep and Filtering(High precision Microstep function and Filtering)
The high-performance MCU operates at step resolutions of 1.8 ° up to maximum 0.0072 ° (1/250 steps) and Ezi-STEP adjusts PWM control signal in every 25 μsec, which makes it possible for more precise current control, resulting in high-precision Microstep operation.
2. Software Damping(Vibration suppression and high-speed operation)
Vibration suppression and High-speed operation (Patent pending) Motor vibration is created by magnetic flux variations of the motor, lower current from the drive due to back-emf from the motor at high speeds and lowering of phase voltages from the drive. Ezi-STEP drive detects these problems and the MCU adjusts the phase of the current according to the pole position of the motor, drastically suppressing vibration. This allows the smooth operation of the motor at high speeds.
※This is real measured speed that using 100,000 [pulse/rev] encoder.
3. Drive Output Signal Monitoring
Ezi-STEP provides loss of step, run/stop, over-current, over-heat, over-voltage, power, and motor connection alarms that can be monitored by the controller and visible by a motor-mounted flashing LED indicator.
4. Improvement of High-Speed Driving
Depending on the speed of a stepping motor, Ezi-STEP automatically increases the supply voltage and prevents the torque lowering due to the low operating voltage to the motor caused by back-emf voltage, this enables high-speed operation. Additionally, the software damping algorithm minimizes the vibration and prevents the loss-of-synchronization at high-speed.
※ Applicable model
Ezi-STEP-MPB-42 series
Ezi-STEP-MPB-56 series
Ezi-STEP-MPB-60 series
Ezi-STEP-HPB-86 series