ST Standard Type

1. No Step Out(Alarm will be generated when step out
Because of mounted encoder constantly monitor the current position, step out cannot be occurred. If step out occurred by external force of overloads, alarm signal will be sent to upper controller. Thus, upper controller can recognize step out of step motor.
2. Perfect Positioning Completion Check(Positioning completion signal will be generated)
When motor stops at the goal position, encoder detect it and send positioning completion signal to upper controller. Therefore S-SERVOⅡ resolve the problem of unclear positioning of current Open Loop System.
3. High Position Accuracy
S-SERVOⅡ controls position by using high precision of encoder. Regardless of motor type (2 Phase or 5 Phase), S-SERVOⅡ position precision is only related to mounted encoder resolution so high precision of positioning is possible unlike open loop micro step motor and driver which adapts 2 Phase or 5 Phase motor.
4. Heat Reduction / Energy Saving(Motor Current Control according to load)
S-SERVOⅡ automatically controls motor current according to load. S-SERVOⅡ reduces motor current when motor load is low, and increases motor current when load is high. By optimizing the motor current, motor heat can be minimized and energy can be saved.
5. Torque Improvement(Motor Current Setting)
S-SERVOⅡ can increase the motor current up to 150% by setting the Run Current by parameter. Therefore, acceleration and deceleration characteristics and torque characteristics at low speed can be increased. S-SERVOⅡ can improve the torque in the low speed range by about 30%.
※ The torque at low speed is improved about 30%.
Measured Condition : Drive = S-SERVOⅡ-ST-42L
Motor Voltage = 24VDC
Input Voltage = 24VDC
6. No Hunting
Traditional servo motor drives overshoot their position and try to correct by overshooting the opposite direction, especially in high gain applications. This is called null hunt and is especially prevalent in systems that the break away or static friction is significantly higher than the running friction. The cure is lowering the gain, which affects accuracy or using S-SERVOⅡ Motion Control System. S-SERVOⅡ utilizes the unique characteristics of stepping motors and locks itself into the desired target position, eliminating Null Hunt. This feature is especially useful in applications such as nanotech manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication, vision systems and ink jet printing in which system oscillation and vibration could be a problem.
7. High Torque
Compared with common step motors and drives, S-SERVOⅡ motion control systems can maintain a high torque state over relatively long period of time. This means that S-SERVOⅡ continuously operates without loss of position under 100% of the load. Unlike conventional Microstep drives, S-SERVOⅡ exploits continuous high torque operation during high speed motion due to its innovative optimum current phase control.
8. Variety of Protection Functions
Drive and equipment can be protected by the alarm(11 kinds) of such as motor connection error, encoder connection error etc.
9. Variety of Position Command Unit
According to the purpose of usage, S-SERVOⅡ offer 16 stage (500~50,000P/R) of position command unit.