Drive Specification
Motor Model SM-20 series SM-28 series SM-35 series SM-42 series SM-56 series SM-60 series
Drive Model SV2-PD-20 series SV2-PD-28 series SV2-PD-35 series SV2-PD-42 series SV2-PD-56 series SV2-PD-60 series
Input Voltage 24VDC ±10%
Control Method Closed loop control with 32bit MCU
Current Comsumption Max 500mA (Except motor current)
Operating Condition Ambient Temperature · In Use: 0~50˚C
· In Storage: -20~70˚C
Humidity · In Use: 35~85% RH (Non-Condensing)
· In Storage: 10~90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Vib. Resist 0.5g
Function*2 Rotation Speed 0~3,000 [rpm]*1
Resolution [ppr]*4 500 1,000 1,600 2,000 3,200 3,600 4,000 5,000 6,400 8,000 10,000 20,000 25,000 36,000 40,000 50,000
(Selectable by DIP Switch)*6
Max. Input Pulse Frequency 500kHz (Duty 50%)
Protection Functions Over Current Error, Over Speed Error, Position Tracking Error, Over Load Error, Over Temperature Error, Over Regenerated Voltage Error, Motor Connect Error, Encoder Connect Error, In-Position Error, ROM Error, Position Overflow Error
LED Display Power status, In-Position status, Servo On status, Alarm status
Run Current*5 50%~150% (Selectable by parameter) RUN current is current value which flows onto the motor during operation (rotation) of the motor and it is set based on arted current of the motor.    * Default: 100%
STOP Current 20%~100% (Selectable by parameter) When motor stop operation, 0.1 second after motor current will be set to STOP current value. STOP current value is a percentage of the rated current of motor.    * Default: 50%
Pulse Input Method 1 Pulse / 2 Pulse (Selectable by DIP Switch)     * Default: 2 Pulse
Rotational Direction CW/CCW (Selectable by DIP Switch)     * Default: CW
Speed/Position Control Command Pulse Train Input
I/O Signal*3 Input Signal Position Command Pulse, Enable, Alarm Reset (Photocoupler Input)
Output Signal In-Position, Alarm (Photocoupler Output), Brake
  • * 1 : Up to the resolution of 10,000[ppr], maximum speed can be reached by 3,000[rpm] and with the resolution more than 10,000[ppr], maximum speed shall be reduced accordingly.
  • * 2 : Please refer to「Settings and Operating」to obtain detailed function information.
  • * 3 : Please refer to「Control Input/Output Explanation」to obtain detailed Input/Output signal information.
  • * 4 : When selected resolution is more than encoder resolution, motor shall be operated by microstep between pulses.
  • * 5 : For more detail information of RUN Current, please refer to the [Parameter Setting GUI] .
  • * 6 : Please refer to the manual for detail information.
System Configuration
External Wiring Diagram
[CAUTION] Please refer to the Manual when connects motor extension cable. Careful connection will be required to protect the drive from any damages.
※ When connects I/O cable between controller and drive, please turn off the power of both controller and drive, in order to protect the drive from any damage.