Ezi-SPEED Modbus-RTU

Settings and Operation

No. Name Function
Status Indicator LED Indicates the status of the drive.
USB Connector (CN5) Connects the drive to a PC.
Motor Sensor Connector (CN4) Connects the motor sensor.
Motor Connector (CN2) Connects the motor power.
Power / Regenerative Resistor Connector (CN1) Connects the main power supply and the regenerative resistor.
RS-485 Communication Connector (CN8/CN9) Connects the RS-485 communication.
Slave Address Setting Switch (SW3) Sets the network slave address.
Max. 31 address can be set via combination with switch No.4 of Function Setting Switch(SW1).
Termination Resistor Switch (SW2) Sets the termination resistor.
Function Setting Switch (SW1) Sets the baudrate and addritional functions.
Input/Output Signal Connector (CN7) Connects input/output signals.

Status Monitor LED

1. Status Indicator LED
Indication Color Function Description
Power LED Green Power Status Lights up when power is applied.
Error LED Red Error Status Flashes when an error occurs.
Communication LED Yellow RS-485 Comm. Status Flashes when the drive and the master communicate with RS-485.
● List of Error Types by the Number of LED Blinking
No. Error Type Causes
1 Overcurrent The current through power devices in drive exceeds the limit.
2 Overspeed The motor speed exceeds 4,400 r/min.
5 Overtemperature Internal temperature of the drive exceeds 85℃.
6 Overvoltage · Power voltage exceeds the rated voltage by more than 20%.
· Load with large inertia is suddenly started or stopped.
8 Sensor Error There is a problem with the connection between the drive and the motor sensor.
9 Undervoltage Power voltage is 40% lower than the rated voltage.
11 Internal Circuit Error There is a problem in the internal circuit board.
12 EEPROM Error The stored data is damaged or the read/write of the EEPROM is failed.
16 External Error EXT-Error input signal is received.
17 Initial Operation Inhibition Power is applied while FWD or REV input is on, and ‘No Operation at Initial Run’ parameter is set to 1.
18 RS-485 Comm. Error The number of RS-485 comm. errors reaches the value set inn the ‘comm error alarm’ parameter.
19 RS-485 Comm. Time Out Communication is not established for the time set in ‘comm time out’ parameter.


1. Power / Regenerative Resistor Connector(CN1)
No. Function
1 Regenerative Resistor Connection (RG1)
2 Regenerative Resistor Connection (RG2)
3 Power Input (L1)
4 Power Input (L2)
5 Power Input (L3)
* Use RG1, RG2 terminals when connecting a regenerative resistor.
  A regenerative resistor can be used when the deceleration time is short or the load with large inertia is applied.
* Please refer to the manual for details of regenerative resistor specifications.
● Connection Method
● Wire Specifications
AWG18 ~ 14(0.75 ~ 2.0mm2)
2. Motor Connector(CN2)
No. Function I/O
1 - -
2 BLDC_U Output
3 BLDC_W Output
4 BLDC_V Output
3. Motor Sensor Connector(CN4)
No. Function I/O
1 DC5V Output
2 GND Common
3 GND Common
4 HALL_U Input
5 HALL_V Input
6 HALL_W Input
4. USB Connector(CN5)
No. Function
2 D-
3 D+
4 -
● Specifications
Standard USB Cable(USB 2.0 Mini Type B)
5. Input/Output Signal Connector(CN7)
No. Function I/O
1 HCOM Input
2 IN0 Input
3 IN1 Input
4 IN2 Input
5 IN3 Input
6 IN4 Input
7 IN5 Input
8 IN6 Input
9 LCOM Common
10 OUT0+ Output
11 OUT0- Output
12 OUT1+ Output
13 OUT1- Output
14 VH Input
15 VM Input
16 VL Input
17 - -
18 - -
19 - -
20 - -
6. RS-485 Communication Connector(CN8, CN9)
No. Function
3 Data+
6 Data-

Connector Specifications

These are connector specifications for drive cabling.
Purpose Item Part Number Manufacturer
Power (CN1) Terminal Block CPF5.08-05P STELVIO
Motor (CN2) Drive Side (CN2) Housing 5557-04R MOLEX
Terminal 5556T
Motor Side Housing 5559-04P MOLEX
Terminal 5558T
Sensor (CN4) Drive Side (CN4) Housing 5557-06R MOLEX
Terminal 5556T
Sensor Side Housing 5559-06P MOLEX
Terminal 5558T
Signal (CN7) Housing PADP-20V-1S JST
Terminal SPH-002T-P0.5L