Specifications of Drive
Drive Model ESD-MR-30-C ESD-MR-60-C ESD-MR-120-C ESD-MR-200-C ESD-MR-400-C
Rated Output Power 30W 60W 120W 200W 400W
Input Voltage Single-Phase 200~240V / Three-Phase 200~240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Permissible Frequency Range ±10%
Rated Input Current Single-Phase: 0.88A
Three-Phase: 0.51A
Single-Phase: 1.55A
Three-Phase: 0.90A
Single-Phase: 2.43A
Three-Phase: 1.41A
Single-Phase: 3.42A
Three-Phase: 1.97A
Single-Phase: 5.64A
Three-Phase: 3.26A
Maximum Input Current Single-Phase: 1.9A
Three-Phase: 1.1A
Single-Phase: 2.8A
Three-Phase: 1.7A
Single-Phase: 4.5A
Three-Phase: 2.6A
Single-Phase: 5.47A
Three-Phase: 3.16A
Single-Phase: 7.85A
Three-Phase: 4.53A
Environment Temperature · In Use: 0 ~ 40˚C
· In Storage: -20 ~ 70˚C
Humidity · In Use: 35 ~ 85% RH (Non-Condensing)
· In Storage: 10 ~ 90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Vibration Resistant 0.5g
Function Speed Control Range 50~4000r/min
Rated Speed 3000r/min
Speed Regulation 0.2% or less / Conditions: 0~Rated Torque, Rated Speed, Rated Voltage, Normal Temperature
Rated Torque 0.096N·m 0.191N·m 0.382N·m 0.637N·m 1.27N·m
Maximum Instantaneous Torque 0.144N·m 0.287N·m 0.573N·m 1.15N·m 1.91N·m
Error Types Overcurrent, Overspeed, Overheat, Overvoltage, Sensor Error, Undervoltage, Internal Circuit Error, EEPROM Error, External Error, Initial Operation Prohibition, RS-485 Comm. Error, RS-485 Comm. Time Out
LED Display Power, Error, Communication
Network · RS-485 Modbus-RTU Communication
· Baudrate: 9,600 ~ 115,200 bps
Supporting Software Ezi-SPEED Setting program
I/O Signal Input Output
Output 2 User Outputs (Photocoupler Insulation)
Dimensions of Drive
System Configuration
30, 60, 120W
200, 400W
External Wiring Diagram