Specifications of Module
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD
Model Ezi-IO-EC-AD08-□
Intput Mode Voltage Input Current Input
Input Voltage 24VDC ±10%
Current Consumption Max. 120mA
Ambient Temperature · In Use: 0~50˚C
· In Storage: -20~70˚C
Humidity · In Use: 35~85% RH (Non-Condensing)
· In Storage: 10~90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Vib. Resist. 0.5g
Function Number of Channels 8CH
Max. Input Signal ±15V
Input Range · -10~10V
· -5~5V
· -2.5~2.5V
· 0~10V
· 0~20mA
Input Range
Setting Method
· SDO Communications(Separate setting for CH1~8)
· DIP Switch(Separate setting for CH1/CH2, CH3/CH4, CH5/CH6, CH7/CH8)
Input Impedance 1MΩ 249Ω
Resolution 13bit
25℃ ±0.3%(Full Scale) ±0.3%(Full Scale)
0~50℃ ±0.4%(Full Scale) ±0.6%(Full Scale)
Analog Conversion Cycle 200μs
A/D Converted Data · -10~10V : -4096~4095M
· -5~5V : -4096~4095
· -2.5~2.5V : -4096~4095
· 0~10V : 0~8191
· 0~20mA : 0~8191
Signal Isolation Method Digital isolation between analog input and communication connections
LED Indication · Power Status(PWR)
· EtherCAT Communication Status(RUN)
· Operation Error(ERR)
· EtherCAT Link/Activity Status(LA IN, LA OUT)
EtherCAT Protocol CoE (CiA 401 Profile), FoE (Firmware Download)
Synchronization Free Run, SM Event, DC SYNC Event
Bus Interface 2×RJ45 connector
Cable STP(Shielded Twisted Pair) Cable, Category 5e or higher / Max. 100m
*□ : Connector Type

Dimensions of Module [mm]
◆ Ezi-IO-EC-AD08-T
System Configuration
◆ Ezi-IO-EC-AD08-T

External Wiring & Internal Circuit Diagram
External Wiring Diagram[ Ezi-IO-EC-AD08-T ]
Internal Circuit Diagram