Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD

1. EtherCAT Based Analog I/O Module
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD is an analog I/O module supporting EtherCAT, a fieldbus based on high speed Ethernet(100Mbps, Full-Duplex). Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD is an EtherCAT Slave module which supports CAN Application layer over EtherCAT(CoE) and CiA 401 Profile. EtherCAT enables fast data transfer with peripheral devices and supports connection of various devices without topology limitation.
2. Simple and Easy Wiring
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD is supplied with push-in spring type terminal blocks which are connected with wires in simple and easy way using ferrule connectors. Connections of analog devices to Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD are also simplified.
3. EtherCAT Synchronization Modes
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD supports all EtherCAT synchronization modes. Selectable among Free Run, SM Event, DC SYNC Event modes.
4. Easy Setup with Switches
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD simply sets the EtherCAT ID with rotary switches. Voltage or current input mode per channel is easily configured with dip switches, and the voltage input range is selectable.
5. Moving Average Filtering
Ezi-IO EtherCAT AD supports the moving average filter function to smooth input analog signals of each channel. Selectable time range of moving average filter is 0~100msec.