1. CC-Link IE TSN Based Digital I/O Module
Ezi-IO CC-Link IE TSN DIO is Digital I/O Module which supports CC-Link IE TSN, a fieldbus based on high speed Ethernet(1Gbps, Full-Duplex).
Ezi-IO CC-Link IE TSN DIO is a remote device station connected to the CC-Link IE TSN system. It supports various topologies to configure the system flexibly.
2. Simple and Easy Wiring
Ezi-IO CC-Link IE TSN DIO uses e-CON connectors. The e-CON connector is widely used in the sensor connector industry, and making the wiring much simpler and easier.
3. Various I/O Module Supported
Ezi-IO CC-Link IE TSN DIO provides 32CH DC input module, 32CH transistor output module, and 16CH DC input/16CH transistor output module.
4. Input Filter Function
The input module can prevent unstable operation of the input signal due to chattering or noise with the input filter function.