Ezi-SERVO BK series, FASTECH’s new unit product, maximizes User’s operational convenience with integration between Ezi-SERVO series of stepping motor and non-excitation electromagnetic brake that has big friction of brake torque and rapid brake timing.


◆ Apply non-excitation electromagnetic brake
Different from excitation type of brake that only generates braking-power by electromagnetic-power when power supplies at brake and loses brake power when power cutoff, Ezi-SERVO BK series adopts non-excitation electromagnetic brake that immediately generate friction of brake torque by inner spring’s binding post-tensioning force once power cut off. So Ezi-SERVO BK series enables complete stopping of stepping motor and can forestall risks with brake’s mechanical braking-power under emergency situation as like sudden blackout in machine operation.
◆ Automatic Braking during power cutoff or blackout
Ezi-SERVO BK series, Unit product, integrated between high performance of non-excitation electromagnetic brake and step motor that enables immediate braking to keep holding point and prevent falling under power cut off or blackout during operation so customer can be flexible in responding to sudden situation.
◆ Long Durability
Brake integrated into Ezi-SERVO BK series applies long durability of brake wear plate(Brake Lining) so it guarantees high durability and long life cycle.
◆ Rapid Brake Timing
Ezi-SERVO BK series, non-excitation electromagneic brake, enables rapid braking because loaded spring closed brake can quicken rising of brake torque.

Allowable Overhung Load and Allowable Thrust Load of BK series

Motor Size Allowable Overhung Load [N] Based on Center of Shaft(mm)
Allowable Thrust Load [N]
3 8 13 18
42mm 22 26 33 46 Must Be Lower than Unit’s Weight
56mm 52 65 85 123
60mm 70 87 114 165
86mm 270 300 350 400
1. Drive Specification and Size
Please refer to the individual catalogue to check drive specification and size.
2. System Configuration and Setting/Operation
Please refer to the individual catalogue to check series’system configuration, Name and Function.
3. External Wiring Diagram
Please refer to the individual catalogue to check series’external wiring diagram.

Motor, Drive Combination

Unit Part Number Motor Model Number Drive Model Number
Ezi-SERVO-□-□-□-BK EzM-□-□-BK Not changed
※ It can be added BK at the end of model name of each series. T(he name of drive model is not changed.)
ex) The Part numbering method for in case of brake is adopted on 42mm of Ezi-SERVO ST series.
Unit Part Number Motor Model Number Drive Model Number

Electromagnetic Brake Operation Timing Chart

Please release electromagnetic brake at least 0.5 sec later power input to the drive. If not, work can be falling
  • • Please use Cable at least thicker than AWG24 (0.2m²) when connect electromagnetic brake and power.
  • • Electromagnetic Brake is non-polar so there is no polarity in Brake Cable.
  • • Over input voltage can induce high temperature of electromagnetic brake and motor so it can be main reason of failure
  • • 반Reversely too low input voltage will cause non-operation of electromagnetic brake.