Ezi-IO Plus-E DA

1. Ethernet Based Analog Output Module
Since Ezi-IO Ethernet AD uses the same communication protocol as FASTECH’s other Ethernet products, it can be applied very easily to the customers who have experiences using FASTECH’s Ethernet products. Motion Library(API) is provided for programming under Windows 7/8/10.
2. GUI and Library(API) Provided
FASTECH provides the libraries(API) and the graphic user interface(GUI) program for Windows 7/8/10, for the convenience of customers using PC to control the products.
3. Simple and Easy Wiring
Ezi-IO Ethernet DA uses a push-in type terminal block. The push-in type terminal block can be easily connected to various devices using ferrule terminals, making the wiring much simpler and easier.
4. Easy Setup with Switches
The output signal range can be easily set with the DIP switches.
5. Calibration for Output Deviation
Ezi-IO Ethernet DA provides an output deviation calibration function as a countermeasure against deviations in the output signal due to the type of connection device, the characteristics of the cable, and the difference in the connection method.