1. Large Diameter Hollow Rotary Table
Large Diameter hollow bore to penetrate the output table equipped HG Series ensure flexibility and convenience in the design of equipment when installing complex wiring and piping.
Model Name Size of Plinth[mm] Hollow bore Diameter[mm]
HG60 60mm Ø20
HG100 100mm Ø29
HG130S 130mm Ø56
HG170S 170mm Ø85
2. High Accurate Gear Driven
Since it is driven directly by the gear with extremely low backlash, it can perform precise positioning with ± 10arcsec of Repeatability and Lost Motion with less than 2 arcmin. In addition Belt-Pulley is not used, so there is no need to adjust the tension of the belt, so maintenance is easy and operation cost can be reduced.
3. High Rigidity / High Load
Cross roller bearing with high rigidity is integrated with a hollow rotary table to maximize the stiffness of the actuator by being able to receive loads in all directions such as thrust load and moment load.

※ In case of HG170S model
· Maximum permissible axial load : 4000N
· Maximum permissible moment : 200N·m
4. Simple Configuration of Homing Function
The home sensor is available as an option to easily configure the homing operation that is often needed in the rotary table. All the parts needed for homing output are provided, saving the effort to design, assemble and procure parts when the home sensor installation is needed.
5. Supporting Various Field Network
Ezi-Robo HG is a unit that combines Ezi-SERVO, a high performance closed loop step drive. Ezi-SERVO drives that support field networks such as EtherCAT, Ethernet and CC-Link can be connected to master controllers such as PC/PLC through corresponding field networks. In case of Ezi-SERVOⅡ Plus-E products, motion library(DLL) for Windows 7/8/10 can be provided.
6. Fast Response
Similar to conventional stepping motors, Ezi-SERVO instantly synchronizes with command pulses providing fast positional response. Ezi-SERVO is the optimum choice when zero-speed stability and rapid motions within a short distance are required. Traditional servo motor systems have a natural delay called settling time between the command input signals and the resultant motion because of the constant monitoring of the current position.
7. No Gain Tuning
In general servo systems, gain adjustment is essential for performance improvement. It takes a lot of time to adjust the gain and it causes problems depending on the type of load. However Ezi-SERVO is a servo system that does not require gain adjustment by using characteristics of stepping motor. Ezi-Robo HG is a Tuning Free Actuator that does not need gain adjustment even in sudden load change or rapid acceleration because it is driven by Ezi-SERVO.
8. No Hunting
Since Ezi-SERVO utilizes the characteristics of the stepping motor, there is no hunting problem in general servo system. Therefore hunting does not occur because it stops completely after motor stopping.
9. Position Table Function
Position Table can be used for motion control by digital input and output signals of host controller. You can operate the motor directly by sending the position table number, start/stop, origin search and other digital input values from a PLC. The PLC can monitor In-Position, origin search, moving/stop, servo ready and other digital output signals from a drive. A maximum of 256 positioning points can be set from PLC.
* Ethernet, CC-Link products only.
10. Torque Improvement
      (Motor Voltage Increasing and Motor Current Setting)
Ezi-SERVO boosts the voltage supplied to the motor by internal DC-DC Converter. The torque at the high speed is increased. In addition, it is possible to set the Run Current up to 150%, whereby the torque at low speed is increased. Torque can be improved by about 30% over the entire speed range.
※ The torque at low speed and high speed is improved about 30%.
Measured Condition : Drive = Ezi-SERVO-PE-56L
Motor Voltage = 40VDC / Input Voltage = 24VDC
11. Heat Reduction / Energy Saving
      (Motor Current Control according to load)
Ezi-SERVO automatically controls motor current according to load. Ezi-SERVO reduces motor current when motor load is low and increases motor current when load is high. By optimizing the motor current, motor heat can be minimized and energy can be saved.
12. Smooth and Accurate
Ezi-SERVO is a high-precision servo drive, using a high-resolution encoder with 10,000 pulses/revolution. Unlike a conventional Microstep drive, the on-board high performance MCU performs vector control and filtering, producing a smooth rotational control with minimum ripples.
13. Avaliable I/O signal
The Ezi-SERVO drive offers the ability to process multiple input and output signals. Equipment can be configured without a separate I/O device.

· EtherCAT : 7 inputs / 6 outputs
· CC-Link : 7 inputs / 6 outputs
· Ethernet : 9 inputs / 9 outputs

* For more details on I/O signals, Please erfer to the catalog or manual of each drive.
14. Examples of Ezi-Robo HG Applications