1. Gateway Solution for Various Net
Ezi-MOTIONGATE is a gateway solution that converts field networks such as PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet to RS-485 communication.
The Ezi-MOTIONGATE slave can be connected to the Ezi-Robo series to implement various actuator systems.
Ezi-MOTIONGATE can check the motion command, parameter setting, status information and alarm information from the master through the network and it is providing
with flexibility to system configuration and shorten the system design.
2. Multi-Axes Control
Ezi-MOTIONGATE can support Multi-axes controls which will make possible for simpler control and wiring.
According to each networks, maximum axis available for multi-axes control is as follows.
- PROFINET IO supports Max. 16 Axes
- PROFIBUS DPV1 supports Max. 9 Axes
- Ethernet/IP supports Max. 16 Axes
- DeviceNet supports Max. 16 Axes