Plus-e Type

GUI(Graphic User Interface) Screenshot

◆ Controller Lists and Motion Test
This screen display the controller list that connected to system. You can make a single move, jog and origin command and also the motor status is displayed.
◆ Motion Repeat and Monitor Status
Target position, speed, delay time and repeat count are selected for repeat motion test. Motion library(DLL) is also displayed on screen.
◆ Position Table
You can edit the position table and execute it. The position table data can be saved and loaded from Flash ROM and Windows file.
◆ Parameter List
All of the parameters are displayed and modified on this screen.
◆ I/O Monitoring and Setting
You can select various digital input and output signals of controller.
※ Graphic User Interface(GUI) Program can be downloaded from website. (
※ Graphic User Interface(GUI) Program can support Window 7/8/10.
※ Graphic User Interface(GUI) Program can be update without prior notice of r improving the performance or convenience of user.