Plus-e Type

Settings and Operation


1. Ethernet IP Display and Setting Switch(SW1, SW2)
It is to be set from 1 to 254. Please set the IP not to overap each other. (Basic set up is“”and xxx is to be set by switch) If set the switch to 255, IP is set automatically. (DHCP)

Ex) In case of SW1: 7 and SW2: 5
     5×16 + 7×1 = 87
     IP is to be set as


1. Ethernet Communication Connector(CN2, CN3)
NO. Function
1 TD+
2 TD-
3 RD+
4 ----
5 ----
NO. Function
6 RD-
7 ----
8 ----
2. Servo Drive Connector(CN4)
Pin Map of connector(CN4) which connects to Servo Drives is various according to type of Servo Drives. Please check Manual in detail. (It is plug-in to Servo Drives which are using normally so users do not have to concern.
3. Power Input/Output Signal Connector(CN1)
NO. Function I/O
1 24VDC Input
2 GND Input
3 EXT_24VDC Output
4 EXT_GND Output
5 LIMIT+ Input
NO. Function I/O
6 LIMIT- Input
7 ORIGIN Input
8 Digital In1 Input
9 BRAKE Output
10 Digital Out1 Output