Plus-e Type

1. Network Based Motion Control
A maximum of 254 axis can be operated from a PC through Ethernet communications. It can be connected in daisy-chain method by ebedded Ethernet HUB. All of the Motion conditions are set through the network and saved in Flash ROM as a par ameter. Motion Library(DLL) is provided for programming under Windows 7/8/10.
2. Plug-in to Various Servo Drives
Ezi-MotionLink Plus-E does not need wiring of drives because it is directly connected to User interface connector of Servo Drives. Available Servo Drives are Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Sanyo Denki, Nidec Sankyo, LS Mecapion, Higen, RS Automation Servo Drives.
3. Various Motion Function
Ezi-MOTIONLINK supports various motions such as symmertic/asymmetric trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, In addition, motion test, parameter setting, I/O setting, etc. can be performed simply and conveniently using the GUI(Graphic User Interface) provided.