1. Stable Speed Control(Speed Regulation 0.2%)
Ezi-SPEED compare the setting speed with the speed feedback signals from the motor at all time, and adjusts the motor’s applied current. So, even if the load changes, stable rotation is performed from low speed to high speed. Inverter controlled AC induction motor do not perform feedback signals, so the speed will reduce significantly when load increases. Ezi-SPEED is recommended for application that require speed stable.
2. Wide speed control range(Speed Ratio : 1:80)
Ezi-SPEED has a broader speed control range compared AC speed control motor and inverter. And the torque is not restricted at low speed, Ezi-SPEED is recommended for application that require torque stable.

Speed range of Ezi-SPEED : 50~4000rpm
Speed range of Inverter + AC induction motor : 200~2400rpm
Product Speed Control Range Speed Ratio
Ezi-SPEED 50 ~ 4,000rpm 1:80
Inverter + AC induction motor 200 ~ 2,400rpm 1:12
※ Speed range of Inverter + AC induction motor is depends on models.
3. High Efficiency(Energy Savings)
Brushless motors used permanent magnets in the rotor. It is prevent little secondary loss from rotor. Therefore, BLDC motor is more high efficiency than inverter controlled AC induction motor. So customer can save energy.
4. Compact, Light weight, High power(Compared to AC induction motor)
BLDC motor have compact design, light weight and provide high power by the permanent magnets being used in the rotor. So BLDC motor can power-up compared to AC induction motor.
5. Easy wiring
The motor connector and sensor connector can be easily connected to drive. Also there is no need for soldering or special tools when connecting the power and I/O connectors. just insert the lead wire to power connector and use driver also just insert the lead wire while pushing the orange button of I/O connector.
6. Easy Use(Front Panel)
• Control of Operation and Stop
The motor starts when switch is set to the “RUN” position, it set to the “STAND-BY” position, the motor decelerates to a stop. The motor can be operated with only one switch.
• Control of rotation direction
Changing the rotation direction is possible with the rotation direction switch. It is possible to change the motor direction even when this motor is in operation.
• Control of Speed
The speed control buttons allow you to use simple speed control and many functions. Pushing plus button increases the speed and pushing minus button reduces the speed. When the desired speed is reached, simply push the s button to set the speed value.
7. Operation by External I/O(ex. PLC, I/F etc)
Ezi-SPEED is possible Start/Stop, Changing the rotation direction and Multi speed operation by external I/O.
8. Display Load factor and actual speed
With the rated torque of the motor at 100%, the load afctor can be expressed as a percentage. Users can check load factor during use of application. So it is possible to keep the application in optimum condition because the load can be changed by aging. The actual speed of motor can be display. (Motor Speed, Gearhead speed, Linear speed)
9. 8-Speed settings
Operation is possible by setting the data to operating data No.0~No.7, and switching the input of the P0, P1 and P2 inputs. 8-Speed operations is possible only with Ezi-SPEED without a separate control device.
10. Various functions can be set on the drive
- Motor Start / Stop
- Setting the operation speed
- Changing the rotation direction
- Changing the indication
- Operation speed indication when the speed
  reduction/speed increasing ration is set
- Setting the acceleration/deceleration time - Button operation lock
- Speed setting for 8-speed operation
- Speed limits setting
- Validating the external operation signals
- External input/output signal allocation
- Setting the overload alarm detection time
11. Lock the setting and operation
Ezi-SPEED provides a lock function to prevents the undesired changes in the speed and the changes or deletion of data with operation of the button.
• Setting the lock function : Press the s button for 5 seconds or more when “STAND-BY” mode. When “LOCK” appears, the lock function is activated.
• Cancelling the lock function : Press the s button for 5 seconds or more. When “UnLk” appears, the lock function has been cancelled.
12. Protective function
• Ezi-SPEED has the ability to detect abnormal condition like overload, over voltage etc. If abnormality is detected, the operation is stopped and an alarm is indicated.
• A regenerative resistor can be used when the deceleration time is short or when the large inertia is driven by providing a regenerative resistor contact terminal. Also the protection function has been strengthened for the external force acting on the motor shaft.