ST Standard Type

Input Signal

Input signals of the drive are all photocoupler protected. The signal shows the status of internal photocouplers [ON : conduction], [OFF : Non-conduction], not displaying the voltage levels of the signal.
◆ CW, CCW Input
This signal can be used to receive a positioning pulse command from a user’s host motion controller. The user can select 1-pulse input mode or 2-pulse input mode. The input schematic of CW, CCW is designed for 5V TTL level. When using 5V level as an input signal, the resistor Rx is not used and connected to the driver directly. When the level of input signal is more than 5V, Rx resistor is required. If the resistor is absent, the drive can be damaged In the case input signal level is 12V, Rx value is 680ohm and 24V, Rx value is 1.8Kohm.
◆ Servo On/Off Input
This input can be used only to adjust the position by moving the motor shaft manually from the load-side. By setting the signal [ON], the driver cuts off the power supplied to the motor. Then, output position can be adjusted manually. When setting the signal back to [OFF], the driver resumes to supply the power to the motor and recovers the holding torque. When driving a motor, the signal shall be set [OFF].
◆ Alarm Reset Input
When a protection mode has been activated, a signal to this alarm reset input cancels the Alarm output.
※ By setting the alarm reset input signal [ON], cancel the Alarm output. Before cancel the Alarm output, have to remove the source of alarm.

Output Signal

Output signals from the driver are photocoupler protected: Alarm, In-Position and the Line Driver Outputs (encoder signal). In the case of photocoupler outputs, the signal indicates the status of internal photocouplers [ON : conduction], [OFF : Non-conduction], not displaying the voltage levels of the signal.
◆ Alarm Output
The Alarm output indicates [ON] when the driver is in a normal operation. If a protection mode has been activated, it goes [OFF]. User’s host controller needs to detect this signal and stop sending a motor driving command. When the driver detects an abnormal operation such as overload or over current of the motor, it sets the Alarm output to [OFF], flashes the Alarm LED, disconnect the power to a motor and stops the motor simultaneously.
[Caution] Only at the Alarm output port, the photocoupler isolation is in reverse. When the driver is in normal operation the Alarm output is [ON]. On the contrary when the driver is in abnormal operation that start protection mode, the Alarm output is [OFF].
◆In-Position Output
In-Position signal is [ON] when positioning is completed. This signal is [ON] when the motor position error is within the value set by the switch SW4.
◆ Encoder Signal Output
The encoder signal is a line driver output. This can be used to confirm the stop position.