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Title 35. For Belt/Pulley application, what is the advantage to replace servo system by FASTECH product?

Step motor of crucial characteristic is Holding Torque is very high. It means torque is greater than similar capacity of servo system when motion stops or during low speed operation condition. So according to example as below, we can acknowledge why stepping system is better than servo system for belt/pulley application.



· Motor revolution generates 62.8mm of linear movement, so most of motion must be short pitch of movement
· Due to less rigidity of load. Shaking of load should ve directly delivered to motor shaft when motion stop
· In case of Servo motor, When motor stops, servo motor has very tiny power to keep target position, so shaking of load can ce easily effected

  to motor shaft its own vibration 


​· Due to using of characteristics of step motor  which is having maximum holding torque when motor stop, Ezi-SERVO is no need to

  do gain tuning that is required in conventional servo system to improve system performance

· Ezi-SERVO is especially well suited for belt and pulley system which is having  low rigidity  of load problem on conventional servo


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