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Title 34. Some products have Absolute Encoder, and when can I apply Absolute Encoder?

If the equipment origin cannot be located due to the structure of the equipment, the application of ABS encoder is considered. (When the origin sensor cannot be used due to space problem, control problem, and facility environmental problem)


Absolute Encoder is not required in general cases,  but on some manufacturing lines, even in the event of a sudden power interruption (for example, a power outage), the ABS type can remember the current motion position so that it can You can redo the motion immediately.
In case of Incremental Encoder, the position of the motor is lost after reapplying power, which makes it inconvenient to re-execute the motion through the origin work again. In addition, the Absolute Encoder adopted by FASTECH is easy to use because it does not require an auxiliary power supply (eg battery back-up).


FASTECH adopts and sells Absolute Encoder only for 60mm motor products among Ezi-SERVO-ALL, a motor + encoder and drive / controller integrated product below.
[Order code : Ezi-SERVO-ALL-60L-ABS]

It is equipped with high resolution absolute position encoder of single rotation 262,144 and multi rotation 4,096, and IP65 rating is included in both product appearance and cable specification.

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