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Title 33. What is advantage of Ezi-SERVO In-Position range compare to other product?

Ezi-SERVO series have excellent position accuracy than operating as open loop function with using of semi-closed loop type of product in a certain range


Ezi-SERVO series of In-Position value is set by Rotary switch (SW4) to indicate conditions of position completion signal output. So, after completion of position command pulse, if position error from target position is smaller than pre-set In-Position value, Ezi-SERVO generates position completion signal and factory default value is ‘0’.

Compare to Semi-Closed Loop type of product is open loop only within certain range, it has great position accuracy. 

Also by Rotary Switch setting, user can set In-Position as speed of response [Fast Response] or Accuracy [Accurate Response] to use properly.



Ezi-SERVO Settling Time can be various according to setting range of In-Position. It is possible to set between 0~Max. 7 pulse range but if error range gets bigger, response speed against In-Position, Settling Time gets faster. For example, if In-Position value is set as ‘0’ is Min. value, Ezi-SERVO guarantees the most suitable position accuracy but consequently position setting time can be little bit longer.


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