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Title 30. What is the reason why Ezi-SERVO is superior than others for various inspection machine includes vision inspection?

FASTECH product Ezi-SERVO has step motor characteristic ‘Holding Torque’. (Using motor’s highest torque when motor stops) So it has No Hunting feature compare to conventional servo system. So once motor stops, it completely stops (Servo needs to consume very sudden energy when motor stops at the goal position by immediate deceleration during high speed/short stroke of motion). Servo has Max. Torque (Rated Torque) but it is smaller than stepping motor so there is a possibility to be vibrated. So in case of high speed inspection machine with using vision system, Ezi-SERVO does not have any vibration once it stops and especially Z-Axis Up/Down motion with load, Ezi-SERVO is the most suitable solution.


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