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Title 13. What is the brake delay setting condition and wiring when using Ezi-SERVO brake type product?

1. Setting condition : 10ms ~ 5,000ms (Default 400ms)

2. Wiring (Refer to below table)

1. Setting condition of brake delay
In the case of Ezi-SERVO series, Ezi-SERVO Plus-E product can be set Delay Time from 10ms to 5,000ms, and a default value is 400ms. If set as a default value, it is possible to drop the load linked to shaft according to load when up&down driving. So please change the setting value. (In case of Ezi-SERVO-ST product, it is not able to change Delay Time setting by user, so please use factory setting value as itself. )

Except Ezi-SERVO series, S-SERVOII and Ezi-STEP series products which are using with brake integrated have little bit different factory setting value by each products. Please refer to the product manual before using the product.

* ex) Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E


Ezi-SERVO ST and Plus-E series of Brake type product wiring.

​<Ezi-SERVO ST External Wiring Diagram>                                                   <Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E External Wiring Diagram> 


Ezi-SERVO ST and Plus-E series(Motor Size 86mm) of Brake Type Product Wiring. 


​<Ezi-SERVO ST 86mm External Wiring Diagram>                                        <Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E 86mm External Wiring Diagram>


​<Ezi-SERVO ST 86mm Wiring Method>                                                            <Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E 86mm Wiring Method>

​< Additional Explanation > 

There are 2 types of electronic brake as non-excitation and excitation types.
In case of [Non-Excitation] brake, brake initiates operation when power of brake goes OFF then hold SHAFT to keep stability under black out situation.
In case of [Excitation] brake, brake holds SHAFT once brake goes ON and motor stops simultaneously. It can have higher power compare to Non-Excitation method.

FASTECH Ezi-SERVO adopts Non-Excitation type of electromagnetic brake system.
Excitation brake is that braking power occurs when power is supplied to the brake and braking power loses when power is off to the brake. Brake adopted to Ezi-SERVO occurs braking power by force of innerspring when power is off and prevents revolution because brake occurs braking power mechanically when emergency power off. So, in the case of up&down driving, it prevents sudden fall down and can respond to situations flexibly.

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