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Title 12. What is the In-Position function of Ezi-SERVO?

In-Position function is position decision completion signal.


Position decision completion range of Ezi-SERVO series is decided as In-Position value setting.

Among 3 rotary switches from Ezi-SERVO drive, SW4 In-Position Value Setting switch can help customer to freely set In-Position Value.

In-Position value setting, condition of positioning completion output signal, can be generated when position error is less than pre-set In-Position value after completion of position command pulse. It means motor reaches at the exact target position withour error.

In-Position signal of Ezi-SERVO is generated when motor reaches at the target position exactly under Servo-On status (Low level : Photo-Coupler ON).

Customers can set the output condition of this signal optimally as below table fit as the situation that they needed. Because a setting range of In-Position value is Max ±7 pulse, Ezi-SERVO is the superb product than any other Closed Loop product at the position accuracy side.

Encoder resolution of Ezi-SERVO is basically 10,000[ppr] and can be maximized up to 20,000 and 32,000. So even In-Position value is set as ±7 pulse, very accurate motion control (Max. ±0.252° ~ Min. ±0.078°) is available.


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