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Title 10. PLC position card with 24V Open Collector output is in use. What are the precautions when connecting the FASTECH drive?

When input 24V Open Collector pulse, please add an external resistor.
(When input pulse, FASTECH step drive is released as 5V Line drive.)

1. Input signal and Drive wiring : (Ex) Ezi-SERVO ST

2. Consider to add up external resistor

Appropriate range of external resistor capacity :
 1) In case of 12V, with Rx=680ohm, available to use 680ohm~1.2kohm
 2) In case of 24V, with Rx=1.8kohm, available to use 1.8kohm~2.2kohm

※ As above, please add individual resistor in case of using more 5V.
    Otherwise inner circuit of drive will be damaged.

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