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Title 08. Is there any way to minimize vibration of motor?

Normally step motor has disadvantage against inertia load, so very easy to have step-out under heavy load. It moves 1 step by 1 pulse but it can be step-out by inappropriate operation. Please select and use Acc/Dec control method which requires smoothly increase and decrease velocity (If need, please create Acc/Dec table and use it). This method will be helpful to prevent step-out and vibration of motor.

If it is difficult to put enough range of Acc/Dec time, please adjust Gain setting value of drive. Position gain adjustment methods of drive are slightly different according to product. It can be done by Rotary switch setting (Ezi-SERVO-ST) or Parameter setting program (Ezi-SERVO Plus-E, S-SERVOII series etc.).

Setting method is
 - Adjust setting value as 0.
 - Keep trying to adjust gain value until by stable motion of motor.
 - Execute fine tuning to more 1 or 2 level from current setting value.

                           <Ezi-SERVO-ST Gain Adjustment>                                                                   <S-SERVOII Gain Adjustment>



In Ezi-SERVOII Plus-E product, can set Gain by adjusting parameter 22 Position Loop Gain in parameter list on GUI.

** Please click [Save to ROM] to make complete save for changed parameter after re-setting the gain value.

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