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Title 49. I’d like to purchase S-SERVOII and have a test run. How do I set up Boost current? If there’s a parameter setting program for download, could you please send it to me?

The method of Boost current setting :
It is possible to set by 50%~150% parameter ( Factory setting value is 100% )
For customer convenience, we provide a S-SERVOII-ST parameter setting program which can be downloaded on our website. The following attached image is the indicated GUI program. You can change various parameters to your liking, and please connect to a driver when the motor is disabled. For safety precautions, the program cannot connect while the motor is enabled.



1. Please be aware of the motor’s heat as it increases when the Run Current value is high.
1. The Maximum setting value of Run Current (150%) is limited to 4A.
   Thus, even if 56mm-60mm sized motors which have a rated current of over 2.7A are set to increase the Run current value, it does not change.
3. In the case of S-SERVOII, the Run Current is automatically controlled by each load, so use it only when there’s a lack in the motor’s torque.

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