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Title 43. I’d like to make equipment which requires the torque control to use a cylinder or a screw. Does FASTECH product have this function?

Torque Control function(or Push Motion function) by Ezi-SERVO is used when  the specified motor torque is needed during motioning and Stop(only in Stop- mode) status.
· In certain position, Position Control can be converted to Torque Control.
· After converted to Force Control from Position Control, it maintain the Torque when it reached the certain force.



· Function explanation

In certain position, it changes to Torque Control from Position Control.
After converted to Torque Control, it moves to detect Work. When it reaches a certain Torque, it stops and then maintain the torque.

①  Send Command ‘Push Motion’
②  Send Command ‘Position Motion’ and then run it. (Position Mode State)
③ It reduces the speed from ‘Position Motion’ and change the speed of ‘Push Motion’
     (In this case, the speed must be less 400[rpm])
④  It moves until detect the Work, and once detect maintain the torque.
     (Push Mode State) (In Position Signal Output)

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