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Title 42. FASTECH sells products with various types of actuators. Why is that?

1. Convenience for customer choice
2. Motor & mechanics function optimization
3. Fast technical support


FASTECH product is based on a Closed loop stepping system.
Basically, customers have been using the servo motor and open loop stepping motor for various applications. However, those are not always optimal for each application.
(Ex, ina[ppr]opriate servo motor usage, open loop stepping motor problems such as ‘Step Out’, incapability of using 100% torque, etc)


Customers are prone to purchasing motors and actuators separately resulting in the above problems.


FASTECH has various methods for customers to purchase our products in one stop by adding Ezi-SERVO to proper actuators such as an index table, compact actuator, cylinder, alignment stage, etc. If customers have an inquiry or a problem with our product, we provide a quick response.

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