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Title 39. There is a MINI series of some FASTECH products. Why does FASTECH have these types of products and what are there features?

The reason why FASTECH has a very compact design driver like the MINI series is because the MINI series is the best solution to avoid heating and space problems for general stepping motor drivers such as the medical device, precision and compact measuring machine, various desktop robots, etc. In other words, it’s irreplaceable once it’s used.


The RS-485 MINI series especially can save design space and reduce the wiring system. Consequently you can lower the cost of the full system.


Additionally, the MINI series only has motor sizes of less than 42mm.
(Drive Size : 82.8mm X 53.9mm X 21.5mm)


FASTECH has MINI series products line up according to various type &  purpose of using


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