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Title 37. How to automatically control gain according to the load ?

Gain Tuning for conventional servo system is very essential to improve performance of machine. Normally it takes lots of time and also trouble can be happening due to type of load. But Ezi-SERVO utilizes characteristic of stepping motor (has maximum torque when motor stops) so this servo system does not need gain tuning.


Especially, Ezi-SERVO is the best option for replacement of conventional servo system for low stiffness load of application (for example Belt Pulley System). But in case of improvement of fast response according to load of application, please tune gain switch as below then will be able to realize fast response and stable performance.


▶ Gain Switch Tuning Method of Ezi-SERVO-ST series are as below.
    1. Define switch as ‘0’. 
    2. Rotate switch step by step to make motor response stable.
    3. Please do fine tuning with ± 1 or 2 steps from current rotary switch location.


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