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Title 36. Ezi-SERVO does not have any Step-Out issue? It is very difficult to improve performance of machine with using normal step motor.

Ezi-SERVO is closed loop system. Due to motor mounted high resolution of encoder, it monitors current position in every 25μsec and does not have Step-Out trouble.



Solution for Step Out generation

▶ If torque is not enough,
     1. Adjust Acc/Dec – Sudden Acc/Dec is a reason for machine vibration.
     2. Adjust operation velocity –  Because step motor generates more torque when speed goes down.
     3. Re-selection of motor – Less torque can make step out trouble so please re-select motor.

 ▶ If step-out happens due to inertia,
     1. Adopt Reducer – Reducer can be applied when inertia moment ratio “K” is lower than 30 from FASTECH’s motor selection program
     2. Re-selection of motor – Select other motor has bigger Rotor Inertia.

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