Products Capacity 36. Ezi-SERVO does not have any Step-Out issue? It is very difficult to improve performance of machine with using normal step motor. 194
Products Capacity 35. For Belt/Pulley application, what is the advantage to replace servo system by FASTECH product? 321
Accuracy 34. Some products have Absolute Encoder, and when can I apply Absolute Encoder? 250
Accuracy 33. What is advantage of Ezi-SERVO In-Position range compare to other product? 208
Accuracy 32. Has used 5 phase step motor for a long time and is it possible to replace by 2 phase step motor based Ezi-SERVO or S-SERVO series? What is the reason and is there any reference or comparison data? 329
Accuracy 31. Normal microstep drives can also set high resolution. What is competitiveness of Ezi-SERVO? 186
Accuracy 30. What is the reason why Ezi-SERVO is superior than others for various inspection machine includes vision inspection? 180
Accuracy 29. What is the position accuracy of Ezi-SERVO? What is encoder resolution? 341
Products Capacity 28. What is Closed Loop control system? 210
Network 27. What is the solution from FASTECH to connect between FASTECH closed loop system and general motor systems by network? 147