Product Overview
Ezi-MOTIONGATE PROFIBUS-DPV1 is motion gateway device to be connected with PROFIBUS network from Siemens PLC, Mitsubishi PLC and LS PLC. It can control up to 9 axes by connecting network consisting of Ezi-SERVO Plus-R, Ezi-SERVO Plus-R MINI, Ezi-SERVO ALL, Ezi-STEP Plus-R, Ezi-STEP Plus-R MINI, Ezi-STEP ALL and Ezi-MOTIONLINK Plus-R
Dimensions of Product[mm]
Specifications of Product
Network Type PROFIBUS-DPV1
Network Speed 9.6 [kbps] / 19.2 [kbps] / 93.75 [kbps] / 187.5 [kbps] / 0.5 [Mbps] / 1.5 [Mbps] / 12 [Mbps] Auto Baud-Rate
Network Node type Slave device station
Maximum-axes 9 axes
Occupation station
72 bytes / 72 bytes (When 9 axes drives connected)
Maximum MOTIONGATE (PROFIBUS-DPV1) 125 Gateway
Operating Condition Ambient Temperature · In Use: 0~55˚C
·In Storage: -20~70˚C
Humidity · In Use: 35~85% RH (Non-Condensing)
·In Storage: -10~90% RH (Non-Condensing)
Vib. Resist. 0.5g
Function Select Switch Set network station No.
LED Functions LED display based on industrial network standard as check network status, abnormal connection with master, Servo-On status of drive, alarm generation status of drive
Special Function Jog Control 4-Speed Step, Speed Ratio
Step Move Control 4-Step Distance
Connected products Ezi-SERVO Plus-R Series, Ezi-STEP Plus-R Series, Ezi-MOTIONLINK Plus-R Series
System Configuration